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Lurbel Mountain Festival 2019 opens registration on November 12th

On the 12th of November at 10 a.m., registration for the Lurbel Mountain Festival 2019 will open at The Lurbel mountain festival will take place in Yeste (Albacete), in the heart of the Calares del Mundo and Sima Natural Park, in Albacete on the 6th and 7th of April 2019.

New discipline

LMF will promote trekking in its 2019 edition and will introduce a version of its 10.7K route as a Nordic Walk that will also be the Castilla - la Mancha Championship. To further enhance this segment, Saturday the 6th of April has been declared Trekking Day in Castilla la Mancha.


LMF offers a wide range of sporting activities: hiking (10.7K and 25K), trail running (10.7K, 25K and 45) and mountain biking (70K). But without doubt, the differential value is applied by the double disciplines called Bttrails (a participant performs the trail and cycling test) and the Combis paired disciplines (male, female and combis).

New activities

Zip lining and bungee jumping join the regular activities such as the Ruta de la Tapa, with the participation of establishments in the municipality of Yeste or the free Kids City Trail for the youngest members of the family. The children's playroom, the runner's fair, the race supporters´ points and a large runner's bag in each of the disciplines are some of the most powerful attractions of this mountain festival, which brings together participants from an average of 15 provinces, concreting its place as the benchmark event in the southeast of the peninsula.

Special price for the first 50

The first 50 bibs for each discipline (first 10 in Combi mini and 10 in Combi Super), will have a special price!